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Chelmsford City Driving School was established to celebrate Chelmsford becoming a City in 2012


Includes: 30 anytime and day hours FREE Theory pack and £30 token for PP.


This includes Intensive Courses.              Cost £599

 SILVER Pack  

Includes:  20 hours Free Theory Pack and can be used as an intensive course.

                                                                                                                       Cost £399


Includes: 10 hours standard lessons        Cost £199

Contact us at:
Phone Chelmsford (01245) 490444

Mobile: 07879557025 phone/text

Please Note:

The sections Practical Test, Theory Test, Pass Plus: What is Pass Plus and how does it save money on insurance after I have passed the teat?

  • What is involved in answering the examiners 2questions at the beginning of the test?
  • How do I cope with nerves?
  • How many questions do I need to learn in studing for the Theory Test?
  • What is independant Driving in the Test?
  • How can I be sure I will get on with my Driving Instructor? Click below:


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